Marching Royal Pride



Mr. Brinkman

Field Commander:

Koleen Avery and Corianna Borton

Marching Staff:

Mr. Justin Brinkman, Director
Visual Ensemble Instructor: Cat Shinw
Assistant: Mr. Joe Gozdowski
Assistant: Mr. Jason Luthy
Assistant: Ms. Caitlin Gunther
Percussion Instructor: Mr. Alvin Dawson

Visual Ensemble:

 Flags:     Jessica Cline,  Allison Bingham,   Kelsey Bloom,  Paige Clark,  Megan Hathaway,  Mckenzie Peters,  Mallory Wolleson, Michaela Cartney, Cheyenne Kaufman,  Alexia Yenour

MaMajorettes: Maddy Instone,  Jade Wagner

Meeting Times:

Everyday Eighth period and on Mondays and Wednesdays until 3:30


Students who enjoy playing an instrument, twirling flags or batons, and attending every Elmwood High School football game.

Instrumental Members:

Flutes: Allison Hummel,  Adrian Torrey, Tiffiny Gonyer,  Madison Dietrich,  Kyra Bloom,  Chloe Robinson,  Wes Britt,  Hannah Bloomfield,  Maggie Tuite, Kayla Holbrook,  Heather Ickes,  Katelyn King
 Katie Benedict,  Amanda Martinez,  Collin Bechstein
Alto Saxophones:
Veronica Walter,  Skye Combs,  Jack Hagemeyer,  Mitch Wonderly,  Ryan Aufdencamp
Tenor Saxophones:
Alexis Reynolds-Miller, Matthew Wagner, Breanna Williams
Bass Clarinets:
Makayla Mohre, Gage Kennedy
Baritone Saxophones:
  Noah Wink, Thomas Wagler
Madison Arnold, Austin Lanham, Jared Schramm, Philip Buckingham,  Zack Kinney, Tyler Murray,   Jacob Kern, Aaron West Mellophone: Millie Elgin,  Matt Heilman, Treg Snowden, Zack Muzy,  Austin Jasso
Logan Robinett
Nicole Abke, Luke Hagemeyer, Hawke Downard, Rob Bentley
Matt Harris, Dalton Merrit, Wes Ridenour
Jacob Houtz, Kegan Bond, Andrew Nye, Nathan Sterling, Nolan Kerr, Andrew Housholder, Noah Fouty,  Michaela Shinew, Gavin Alva, Jacob Richard, Taylor Evans, Rachel Campbell, Phillip Torrey,  Michael Yenour, Bryn Paker, Parker Scanell


Football Games, Parades: Pemberville Fair, Wood County Fair, Annual Sounds of The Stadium Concert, Anthony Showcase of Bands, 2nd Annual Elmwood High School Band Spectacular

Half-Time Shows:

“Football Show!” “Grease” “Senior Show”


The 2013 Elmwood Marching Royal Pride consists of 80 members in grades 9-12 who proudly represent the communities of Bloomdale, Cygnet, Jerry City, West Millgrove, Wayne, and the Elmwood Local School District.  The Elmwood Marching Royal actively participates in various parades and performances in Wood County and Northwest Ohio.